New Hank Aaron book pays tribute to Atlanta’s baseball legend



Baseball lost a legend. Atlanta lost an icon.

The death of Henry Louis Aaron was felt across the nation, especially in our city.

Aaron was known not only for his prowess of baseball but the indelible mark he left on the civil rights movement, the Braves organization and Atlanta’s philanthropic and business communities.

He was the rare sports star who remained as important to his city long after his last game. When his playing days were over, he became more important, even.

In celebration of Aaron’s life, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution honors his legacy with a commemorative book. Through our compelling stories and more than 50 photographs, we celebrate Aaron’s moments, memories and milestones.

The 128-page book also features a foreword by Chipper Jones.

You can order yours today by visiting or by calling 1-800-888-4741.

It is available for $16.95 plus shipping and tax and will ship the week of March 1.