Braves announce 2021 spring training schedule

Feb. 22, 2020 North Port, FL: Atlanta Braves first baseman Freedie Freeman and the team take batting practice while preparing to play the Baltimore Orioles in a MLB spring training baseball game at the Braves new facility CoolToday Park on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020, in North Port. Curtis Compton

Credit: Curtis Compton

Credit: Curtis Compton

The Braves announced their 2021 spring training schedule Wednesday, a slate that includes 33 games from Feb. 27 to March 30.

CoolToday Park, the Braves' spring home in North Port, Florida, will host 17 games in its second season. The first home game will be March 1 against the Nationals.

The Braves close their exhibition schedule with games against the Twins and Red Sox in North Port before playing their final game against Boston in nearby Fort Myers on March 30. They’ll open the regular season April 1 in Philadelphia.

Below is the full schedule, which is subject to change, especially with regard to the coronavirus pandemic:

Feb. 27: Braves at Orioles

Feb. 28: Braves at Pirates

March 1: Braves vs. Nationals

March 2: Braves at Tigers

March 3: Braves vs. Cardinals

March 4: Braves vs. Red Sox

March 5: Braves vs. Tigers/Braves at Pirates

March 6: Braves vs. Twins

March 7: Braves at Red Sox

March 8: Off

March 9: Braves at Cardinals

March 10: Braves at Nationals

March 11: Braves vs. Twins

March 12: Braves vs. Rays

March 13: Braves at Phillies

March 14: Braves vs. Phillies/Braves at Twins

March 15: Braves vs. Orioles

March 16: Off

March 17: Braves at Blue Jays

March 18: Braves vs. Yankees

March 19: Braves at Rays

March 20: Braves vs. Orioles

March 21: Braves vs. Rays

March 22: Braves vs. Red Sox

March 23: Braves at Yankees

March 24: Braves vs. Pirates/Braves at Orioles

March 25: Braves vs. Blue Jays

March 26: Braves at Red Sox

March 27: Braves at Rays

March 28: Braves vs. Twins

March 29: Braves vs. Red Sox

March 30: Braves at Red Sox