‘Gray death’ drug claims another life, this time in Georgia

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has confirmed the first death in Georgia related to the powerful drug known as “gray death.”

Gray death is a deadly combination of heroin and fentanyl, but it’s much more potent than either drug on its own.

Investigators said that 24-year-old Lauren Camp died in February after using drugs inside an Atlanta-area condo.

Police said she was submerged in a bathtub and emergency responders could not revive her.

“This type of incident is not unique to Brookhaven. It really is an epidemic that’s going on nationwide,” Brookhaven police Officer Carlos Nino said.

The GBI crime lab tested the drugs found at the scene. They contained heroin, furanyl fentanyl and cocaine, which is one of the many formulations of gray death.

GBI crime lab supervisor Deneen Kilcrease labeled the drug “gray death” earlier this year, and the name is now used worldwide.

“It’s the only gray drug that I’ve ever seen and when I heard what components were in it, I didn’t see how anyone can survive it,” she said.

The crime lab has confirmed authorities have seized gray death in Georgia roughly 50 times. One of the drugs in the cocktail that killed Camp, furanyl fentanyl, has killed at least 22 Georgians since 2016.

GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles said, although Camp’s death is the first gray death-related fatality in Georgia, she believes there could be more.

“Very tragic. This is the first confirmed fatality for gray death in Georgia,” she said.