Piedmont Rockdale Hospital’s renovated infusion center opens

Project’s 18 private bays provide ‘modern, calming space’ for patients

The $1.8 million renovation project at Piedmont Rockdale Hospital in Conyers is now open.

“Patients who require the services of our infusion center are often fighting deadly and debilitating diseases and conditions,” Piedmont Rockdale CEO Monica Hum, M.D., said in the news release. “As a result, we have created a modern, calming space so that they can receive high-quality care close to home.”

What is infusion therapy?

Infusion therapy delivers medications through either a needle or catheter, which can be more effective for some drugs, said Healthline.

Although chemotherapy is the most common treatment, infusion therapy is also used for dehydration, immune deficiencies, pain, autoimmune disorders, congestive heart failure and more.

“Whatever the setting, IV therapy is administered by nurses or other trained medical professionals,” Healthline wrote. “There is usually some sort of control mechanism attached to the line to ensure proper delivery.”

According to the release, the center has 18 private bays, a tube station, on-site pharmacy, focal ceiling, premium lighting, private room for procedures and an isolation suite with a private bathroom.

The new center is in Building A on the ground floor of the hospital, and it’s open Monday through Friday.