In viral TikTok post, travel nurse warns to avoid this area in Georgia

The post has been viewed nearly half a million times, liked more than 43,000 times

“Hey y’all, so there are three places that us doctors and nurses recommend that you absolutely do not go to while here in Georgia,” a travel nurse who goes by @_nurseblue posted on TikTok.

The first, she reveals, is Lake Lanier.

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The second: Lake Lanier.

“And three, my favorite, Lake Lanier,” she says in the viral post, which has been viewed nearly half a million times, liked more than 43,000 times and has nearly 2,000 comments.

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“Facts!!! Them spirits vengeful at Lake Lanier😂,” @shondavis529 commented.

Donesha Sellassie added: “I live about 12 mins from there and I will NEVER go to the haunted lake. Let them spirits rest!”

“Them spirits” might refer to the drownings reported each year in the lake. In June, three people died in one week when they drowned in one of Lanier’s 20 designated swimming areas.

According to Georgia State Signal, nearly 200 people have died at Lake Lanier since 1994. The lake is 152 feet deep at its lowest point. Whole forests, roads, bridges — even a race track — were revealed during the 2007 drought, when water levels plummeted.

“Them spirits” also could refer to residents of Oscarville whose final resting places were moved when the state seized the land to create the reservoir. Oscarville was one of several small farming communities that now exist only at the bottom of the lake.