Four home remedies to cure summer ailments

Summer fun shouldn’t have to stop for a sunburn

Summer calls for a steady stream of fun outdoor activities. From camping trips and forest hikes to relaxing on the beach, summer has a way of bringing out everyone’s outdoorsy side.

That can have some downsides for our health though. Summer also brings many temporary ailments and irritations that can ruin an otherwise fun day. Luckily, these temporary ailments have quick and natural solutions.


No matter how meticulous you are about sunscreen, sunburns always seem to find a way to get you. A nasty sunburn can derail a beach trip. However, with a little Epsom salt, you may be rid of your sunburn woes.

Dissolve one or two cups of Epsom salt, depending on the burn’s severity, in a bath and soak the sunburnt parts of the skin. Epsom salt has been known to decrease inflammation and help to hydrate damaged skin.

Bug Bites

It can feel like no summer night is complete without a bevy of bug bites to keep as souvenirs. Bug bites can make outdoor summer activities unbearable. Luckily, there is an easy solution to stop the irritation quickly.

Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory powers and can calm itching. Just put a few drops in the area of the bite and rub it into your skin.

Poison Ivy

Poison ivy can be one of the biggest fears of the summer, one that follows you on every hike and camping trip. While it can feel like the worst thing imaginable, there is actually a quick fix.

Mix together aloe vera and tea-tree oil, and — with gloves on your hands — rub the mixture onto the affected area. It also helps to do this as soon as possible after being infected by poison ivy.


Summer is a time for constant activity. Factor in the heat and you’ve got a recipe for dehydration. So it’s important to find ways to maximize hydration.

Mixing water, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, honey and a pinch of salt works as a natural electrolyte drink. A bit of salt mixed with fluids actually works to enhance hydration.

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