Do you want to make more money as a nurse? Here’s how

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Do you want to get into a higher-paying nursing career? There are a few careers nurses can pursue to increase their salaries.

The highest-paid nursing careers, according to are:

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are the highest-paid nurse profession earning an average of $183,580 a year.

CRNAs are responsible for administering anesthesia to patients and monitoring patients after anesthesia. CRNAs work with patients who are preparing for surgery, whether they’re scheduled, or emergency surgeries. These advanced nurse practitioners have a doctorate in anesthesia and have gone through extensive training and exams.

Nurse Practitioner

Earning an average of $111,680 a year, nurse practitioners have similar responsibilities to physicians or doctors due to their advanced studies and degrees.

According to Kaiser Family Foundation, nurse practitioners share 80-90% of responsibilities with physicians.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric nurse practitioners specialize in mental health and make an average of $111,572 a year.

They diagnose and treat psychiatric illnesses, provide psychotherapy, help people with substance abuse and more.

Clinical Nurse Specialist

For those who want to go into specialized fields of medicine, you can make an average of $109,437 a year as a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Clinical Nurse Specialists have degrees in specialized nursing areas and often hold managerial positions. They advise other nursing staff, work with patients and can also work in research to improve healthcare systems.

Other ways nurses can make more money

Those who want to travel with an increased salary could consider becoming a travel nurse.

According to, travel nurses don’t need additional certifications other than being a registered nurse for two years with good standing.

The demand for travel nurses is rising during the COVID-19 pandemic to help mitigate the nationwide nursing shortage. The salary for travel nurses varies depending on the contract. However, according to Insider, some travel nurses have been making more money than doctors.

“We’re seeing rates in excess of $200 an hour, $225 an hour,” registered nurse and Northwell Health chief nurse executive Maureen White told Insider. “Some places I hear as high as $250.”

There are several other ways to make more money as nurses.

Nightingale College, a private nursing school in Utah, recommends nurses consider per diem shifts on the side, which typically offer higher hourly wages in comparison to full-time employees. Per diem — meaning per day — offers an alternative to those who may not have hospitals that allow overtime shifts. recommends nurses finish their bachelor of science degrees in nursing and pursue advanced degrees to get higher-paying nursing positions. Many of the highest-paid salaried nursing positions require advanced degrees.

Additionally, nurses could consider becoming entrepreneurs in their field. This includes legal nurse consulting, becoming a private nurse tutor and developing products for other nurses, according to Nurse Theory.

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