5 nursing blogs if you’re looking for career advice

There is a blog for just about every topic out there — from how to make more money to how to make a better blog — and that includes nursing.

Blogs can help you network, find a new job or learn about new techniques in your field. With so many out there though, it can sometimes be tough to find what you need.

Rasmussen University has done the research for you. Here are five of the best nursing blogs for career advice, according to the school.


DailyNurse has sections dedicated to current nursing trends, certifications and job availability. It has a job search function on both the homepage and blog page, so you can easily research jobs in your area.

Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway

Keith Carlson coaches nurses on pursuing their passion while maintaining a separate life. His personal touch comes from using his personality, stories and humor to discuss the biggest issues in nursing. His commitment to helping nurses prevent burnout has garnered him several awards.

Off the Charts

This American Journal of Nursing blog contains data-backed posts on career advice, new research, pain management and more. Not only does each article focus on recent trends in health care, but they tell you where the information came from.

The Nursing Site

Kathy Quan has more than 35 years of experience and stories to share with other nurses. “She conveys nursing career advice in articulate, digestible posts that are helpful to nurses at any stage of their career,” Rasmussen wrote.

Nurse Power

Donna Cardillo channels her passion and energy into blog posts to help nurses worldwide maintain their motivation and love for their profession. “With the long hours and demands on nurses, this kind of blog can be just what the doctor ordered for anyone who feels stagnant,” the university wrote.

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