3 Georgia cities in top third of nation’s most stressed, analysis finds

While Atlanta has chilled out some, Columbus and Augusta are stressing more than last year

Atlantans have chilled out in the past year, an analysis by WalletHub found.

To determine 2021′s most and least stressed cities in America, the financial website compared 182 cities — 150 most populated plus at least two of the most populated in each state — across four key dimensions: work stress, financial stress, family stress, and health and safety stress. WalletHub considered only the city proper in each case and excluded cities in the surrounding metro area.

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The website evaluated the four dimensions using 41 relevant metrics, each graded on a 100 point scale, with a score of 100 representing the highest levels of stress.

Georgia has three cities in the ranking: Atlanta, Augusta and Columbus.

The most stressed Georgia city was Augusta, ranked No. 16 overall with a score of 52.60. The city was No. 4 for the most health and safety stress, and No. 10 for financial stress. Augusta was No. 23 overall in 2020, and No. 19 in 2019.

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Columbus was six spots less stressed than Augusta, finishing at No. 21 with a score of 51.75. Columbus likely would have been farther down the list, but it ranked No. 5 for financial stress.

Columbus also is more stressed this year. In 2020, the city finished No. 24 and in 2019 was No. 23.

Atlanta residents, however, seem to have found the secret to relaxing. The city finished 2021′s analysis at No. 52, with a score of 46.40. That’s 15 spots better than last year’s No. 37 overall ranking. Atlanta was No. 39 in 2019.

Looking at WalletHub’s analysis, it appears working from home has been key to relieving Atlanta’s stress. In 2020, the city was No. 38 for work stress, but dropped all the way to No. 126 this year.

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