Who is Herschel Walker’s son, Christian?

The conservative social media influencer is no stranger to controversy

Credit: Screenshot from Christian Walker's Twitter account

Credit: Screenshot from Christian Walker's Twitter account

Herschel Walker’s son burst into the political spotlight as he unleashed a brutal social media attack on his U.S. Senate candidate father just five weeks before Election Day. But Christian Walker has long been making waves. Here’s what to know about him:

He is a social media influencer

Walker, 23, has made a name for himself as an incendiary conservative social media influencer, bashing everything from Black Lives Matter to “wokeness” to “cancel culture” to gay rights.

He calls himself a “free-speech radicalist” and frequently records his videos in Starbucks’ drive-thrus, where he rants about baristas screwing up his favorite order — a three-shot espresso over ice with one pump of white mocha, one pump of vanilla, whipped cream and extra ice in a Venti cup. Oh, and ice water on the side

Walker has more than 276,000 Twitter followers and more than 500,000 on Instagram. He has recorded 71 episodes of his podcast “Uncancellable.”

He was a competitive cheerleader

Walker cheered for Spirit of Texas, known as one of the premier cheerleading programs in the nation. He was also a cheerleader at Southern Methodist University.

His father, a former football star, has been supportive of his son’s choice of a sport.

In an interview with TMZ, Herschel Walker was asked, “Is your son good enough to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader?”

“He’s probably too good to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader right now,” the elder Walker said.

He recently graduated from college

Walker graduated this spring from UCLA.

While there he courted controversy, clashing with administrators on vaccine mandates and what he said were threats from liberal students who opposed his political beliefs.

He is ‘attracted to men’

Walker has said he is not gay but is attracted to “big, strong, muscular men.”

“I’m solely attracted to men. I’m not attracted to women. Love my women, but I’m not,” he said

Walker has said he doesn’t like the term gay because it has political connotations as liberal.

“I will make up my own terms for myself, and it’s ‘attracted to men,’ ” he said.

Walker’s mocking of gay pride events and symbols, such as rainbow flags, has earned him criticism in the LGBTQ community.

His mother is Herschel Walker’s first wife, Cindy

Walker’s mother is Herschel Walker’s first wife, Cindy Grossman. Grossman and Walker met at the University of Georgia, where he was a football star and she ran track.

They married in 1983, and Christian Walker was born in 1999, soon after his father retired from professional football. The couple divorced after nearly two decades of marriage.

In televised interviews following the release of his memoir “Breaking Free,” Grossman said Walker had repeatedly threatened her physically during their marriage.

Credit: Screenshot from Republican Accountability PAC ad

Credit: Screenshot from Republican Accountability PAC ad

“The first time he held the gun to my head, he held the gun to my temple and said he was gonna blow my brains out,” she said in an interview with ABC News in 2008.

She was granted a restraining order against him in 2005. Walker has chalked up his past behavior to mental health struggles but has dodged questions on the campaign trail about his history.

In one of his tweets posted Monday night, Christian Walker said his father “had us move over 6 times in 6 months running from your violence.”

One of his favorite topics on social media is absentee fathers

Christian Walker has frequently railed against fathers who abandon their kids.

“Fathers, it would be great if you stayed home and raised your kids instead of ran off to bang a bunch of women who weren’t your baby mama. Stay home and raise your frickin’ kids!” he said in a June tweet. “Your kids need a father! Get back home!”

That critique was slammed as hypocritical after a news report revealed that his father has three additional children he had not been publicly acknowledged.

In a video posted Tuesday morning, Walker explained that he talked about absentee fathers all the time “because it affected me.”

“Family values people, he has four kids, four different women, and he wasn’t in the house raising one of them,” Walker said.