Trump tells crowd he could formally secure the nomination

ROME — “You’re amazing. You built this country.”

Former President Donald Trump opened his remarks in Rome thanking supporters for knocking Republican Nikki Haley out of the nominating contest. He noted that he could formally clinch the nomination on Tuesday, when Georgia and several other states hold primaries.

“This is a movement the likes that no one in this country have seen before,” he said, adding that he also wants “disillusioned Democrats” to join the campaign.

Republican presidential candidate and former president Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at Forum River Center in Rome on Saturday, March 9, 2024. (Arvin Temkar /


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He called President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address “angry,” “divisive” and “partisan,” mocking Democrats who extolled the speech as a pivotal moment in the campaign.

“Joe Biden should not be shouting angrily at America. America should be shouting angrily at Joe Biden. And we should be saying, crooked Joe, you’re fired. Get outta here.”