What questions do you have for Georgia candidates?



The AJC is soliciting reader questions for the candidates for U.S. Senate and select U.S. House races.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution will be publishing Q&As with Georgia candidates for the U.S. Senate and key U.S. House seats as part of our plan to offer Georgia voters the tools they need to make informed decisions.

We did this for the primaries in June and published their responses in a format that allows for easy comparison.

For example, we published a Q&A with the Congressional District 7 Republican candidates and a separate one for the Democrats vying for that seat. Now, we are soliciting your questions to ask the nominees in this race and others in the general election.

We want to make sure we ask the questions that matter most to voters. That’s where you come in.

What issues are most important to you? And what would you ask candidates if you had the chance? Your suggestions could be included in our questionnaires and/or contribute to other election stories.

Fill out the survey below to submit your suggestions or visit this link.