Supreme Court vacancy debuts in Georgia Senate race TV ad

In a first of its kind ad in Georgia, U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler aired a 30-second TV spot Friday focused on her support for a vote this year on the Supreme Court vacancy left by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The ad contrasts her not with U.S. Rep. Doug Collins, her fiercest Republican rival, but Democrat Raphael Warnock. It asserts that Warnock, an Atlanta pastor, “wants a radically liberal Supreme Court.”

“This is about saving lives – and saving America,” a narrator says.

The ad underscores how the brutal political fight over the open seat has fast become a factor in the November special election, with Loeffler emphasizing that she is the first U.S. senator to back a speedy vote on Ginsburg’s successor.

In the runup to the special election, Loeffler aims to present herself as a fierce advocate of whomever President Donald Trump appoints to the job – and backs his call to hold the vote before Election Day.

It’s also one of Loeffler’s first direct attacks on Warnock, who has largely stayed out of the back-and-forth as Loeffler and Collins batter one another. Several recent polls show her inching ahead of the pack, it might be the start of a new offensive geared at the Democrat.

And it takes a sharp turn from Loeffler’s other ad volleys this week: A pair of TV spots featuring “Attila the Hun” that sparked ridicule and attention, offering another reminder that the wealthy financial executive can bombard the airwaves with a range of messaging.

Watch the ad: