Pro-Kemp RGA bypasses Perdue – and hits Abrams in latest ad

Brian Kemp and David Perdue

Credit: AJC

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Brian Kemp and David Perdue

Credit: AJC

Credit: AJC

Gov. Brian Kemp has lately avoided mention of his top Republican rival in favor of attacking Democrat Stacey Abrams. Now one of his most influential backers is taking the same approach.

The Republican Governors Association launched a new TV ad Tuesday that flashes images of Abrams as a narrator describes her as a globetrotting attention-seeker. Left out of the 30-second ad is any talk of former U.S. Sen. David Perdue, the governor’s most formidable Republican rival.

With hefty leads in polls and in fundraising, Kemp has recently shifted his attacks from Perdue toward Abrams, the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor. The RGA ad – which is backed by a $350,000 buy – continues that trend.

“While some traveled the world seeking fame, promoting their businesses, putting themselves first,” the narrator says, as washed-out footage of Abrams plays on screen, “Georgia had a leader here at home working hard, solving problems, getting results: Governor Brian Kemp.”

Still, Kemp’s allies say they aren’t overlooking Perdue ahead of the May 24 primary, not with major reinforcements headed the former senator’s way.

Donald Trump, Perdue’s most important ally, helped refill the former senator’s campaign account at a fundraiser last week. And the ex-president will headline a rally for Perdue and five other Georgia candidates on Saturday.

Abrams campaign spokesman Seth Bringman said the RGA was “too afraid of Donald Trump to say anything bad about David Perdue” before invoking the focus of her campaign for governor.  

“Since we’re on the subject of Republican governors, 10 of them across the country had the conscience to expand Medicaid, yet Brian Kemp refuses to provide 500,000 Georgians with access to life-saving coverage, and Perdue would do the same.”

It’s the second pro-Kemp ad from the RGA, which for the first time in its history is financing TV attacks during a party primary to support an incumbent against a GOP challenger. All told, the group has spent $850,000 to boost Kemp.

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