Georgia House Democrats urge Greene to resign from Congress

Georgia House Democrats endorsed a resolution Friday urging U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to resign over her endorsement of dangerous fringe conspiracy theories and support on social media for executing high-profile Democratic politicians.

The endorsement, sponsored by state Rep. Matthew Wilson of Brookhaven, cites the Rome Republican’s past support for the deluded QAnon ideology and her participation in a “libelous smear campaign centered on discrediting the very same elections she participated in and won.”

It also invokes videos she posted on social media where she accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of treason and discussed killing the Democrat and other top political figures.

“We, as Georgians and Americans, find it to be a singular, self-evident truth that for our government to function and the prosperity of our nation to continue for generations to come, it is irreconcilable to both defend our Constitution and to foment terroristic acts against our fellow Americans,” the resolution read.

It said her actions violate the “oath of office taken by all members of Congress, as well as members of this General Assembly” and calls for her to step down from office.

The measure has overwhelming support of the chamber’s Democrats, including at least four dozen who signed on. It’s unclear if any Republicans in the GOP-controlled chamber will sign on and even less likely the resolution will come to a vote. Most state GOP officials have remained silent over her hateful and dangerous remarks.

Greene’s embrace of conspiracy theories and her long record of racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic comments was well-known to state Republicans long before she won her seat representing a deeply-conservative northwest Georgia district in November.

But new and embarrassing revelations have continued to surface since she took office in January, giving House Republican leaders mounting headaches over whether to allow her to continue to soak up negative attention without punishment.

In recent days, reports have highlighted video of Greene angrily confronting a teenage survivor of the Parkland, Fla. school shootings, her promotion of lies about the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school and her belief that Jewish leaders were behind a scheme to start forest fires with a space laser beam.

Pelosi on Thursday questioned why House Republican leaders assigned Greene to the education committee when she has promoted deadly lies and mocked the murders of schoolchildren.

“What could they be thinking — or is thinking too generous a word for what they might be doing?” Pelosi said. “It is absolutely appalling.”