On Wednesday, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reporters monitoring the runoff election vote counting in metro Atlanta and acrsoss the state. We will continue to share election results as they come in, along with reports on what the candidates are saying, and analysis from experts and our politics team.

As we saw in the November election, heavy voter turnout on Tuesday and the unprecedented number of absentee ballots cast this year have caused delays in the reporting of results. Elections officials say more than 4 million Georgians voted in the runoff elections for U.S. Senate and the Georgia Public Service Commission. It takes time to process and count all those ballots.

As of Wednesday morning, two of the three runoff elections in Georgia were still too close to call.

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As a result, the AJC will likely be slower to declare winners. During the June primary, which had a record number of Georgians voting by mail, the final outcome of several close races did not become clear for days.

We will review calls made by The Associated Press and the national networks before sharing them with our readers.

You may notice that our election results pages no longer include “precincts counted.” With the high number of absentee ballots expected this year, the number of precincts counted no longer accurately represents how many votes have actually been counted.

You can read more about that change here.

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