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Trump’s behavior brings back memories of schoolyard bullying

As a child in a downtown Atlanta elementary school, I experienced bullying from a classmate almost twice my size. It was extremely intimidating, and I still remember it like it was yesterday even though I turn 70 soon. As I watched the debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the image of being bullied came back to me. The president’s behavior was one of extreme bullying. My bully would steamroll me by insulting and physically pushing me. The president’s behavior was on full display for all to see. Please do not mistake this behavior for strength. Behind every bully is a coward screaming for attention.


Debate showed U.S.'s enemies could easily intimidate Biden

After “reading” your empty editorial and readers' comments about the debate (“What we learned from the debate,” Opinion, Oct. 1), I decided to look and listen to it again (I had recorded it). I arrived at a totally different conclusion. I believe the leaders of Russia, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran and perhaps a few others are pushing for Biden to win the election. They must have seen the same thing I did. After watching the way Biden reacted to Trump, they must be convinced they see Biden in the same manner Hitler saw Chamberlain: a puppet to play with like a toy.


America should wake up to danger of white supremacy

What is that silence? Oh! It is the Republicans who are not speaking out against Trump’s support of white supremacists. The recent debate was the worst in the history of debates. The Republicans are in lockstep behind Trump no matter what he says or does. However, it is best that Trump put it out there so the whole world could hear it from his mouth, and he cannot say it was fake news. Having a white supremacist-lover for president is bad for our country, and the only way the Republican Party will find out is when it starts to lose seats in the Senate. The silence is deafening. Wake up, America.