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Walker’s lack of campaign rebuttal is misunderstood

I’m sorry, but your hypocrisy is showing. Not a Herschel Walker fan, Patricia Murphy compares Chuck Schumer’s vicious and shameless attacks on Walker to political expediency, implying that Walker’s lack of rebuttal is a sign of acquiescence and guilt. Any other candidate who honestly revealed their past problems for all to see would have been praised, not maligned.

Moreover, she states that abortion is the top issue in the election, which is flat wrong. Inflation, crime, border security and education far outpace abortion as a voting issue.

Bill Torpy laments the lack of debate and issue-oriented campaigning from Mr. Walker. The issues are self-evident. Warnock for: inflation, open borders, criminal leniency, abortion and anything Joe Biden proposes. Walker for: spending restraint, closed borders, being tough on crime and prosecution, fossil fuel independence and states’ rights for abortion decisions.

It is a clear choice.


No water provision remains most outrageous part of election law

On Primary Election Day, May 24, I deliberately violated Georgia’s so-called Election Integrity Act of 2021. I handed out bottles of water to voters entering my precinct’s polling. I had notified Gov. Kemp and Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr of my plans before the date, and afterward, I sent them links to my YouTube post showing evidence of my crime.

A U.S. District judge has now temporarily upheld the water-for-voters provision, ruling that we’re too close to the November election to block any part of the 2021 legislation. This provision is the most obviously outrageous section of an overall voter suppression law. It serves no purpose but to discourage citizens from remaining in line to vote.

I’m waiting to see if the governor and attorney general will have me arrested. We’ll learn whether they want the embarrassment of an actual violation case between now and Election Day.