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Not all culture warriors agree on newest targets

It was inevitable that there would be a split in ideology among the culture warriors, and that has turned out to be in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Almost simultaneously, Georgia state Republicans came out in favor of protecting it, while Republicans at the federal level did the opposite, and the Southern Baptist Convention declared it a definite no-no. When the targets were all far off and on the left, the culture warriors had no problem aiming their artillery, but now that the major targets like abortion, books, history, environmental regulations, unions and gays have all been bombarded, the creeping barrage is reversing.

What will be the next fissure in right-wing dogma? Birth control is going down, that’s clear, but what about antibiotics? Does the use of antibiotics frustrate the will of the divine? Will there be a divisive battle over tetracycline? Will Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. be the new Torquemada?


Family planning has never been gov’t responsibility

I didn’t realize that voting down the Right to Contraception Act would take us back to the Dark Ages of outlawing birth control in Georgia and attack our fundamental right to choose family size, which it won’t. There are no laws or rules inhibiting this right in our state, and I certainly don’t consider “abortion on demand” an effective method of choosing family size.

My spouse and I carefully planned our family of two children. We did not have to rely on the state to assist us, although family planning assistance is available now from the state of Georgia. Like most couples, we felt a responsibility to manage our family planning ourselves.


Lawmakers show hypocrisy on family planning

I wonder how many members of Congress (or their spouses) have taken advantage of the ability to control the size of their family either by birth control or legal abortion? I bet it is close to 100%. I imagine it is easy to take away that right once you are too old for it to impact your own family.