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Biden’s warnings not equivalent to Trump’s insults

I admire AJC columnist Bill Nigut, but he recently fell victim to false equivalency (“I want to be inspired, not frightened, by politicians,” March 18). Nigut cites great American leaders who presented “the lofty rhetoric that reminds us of the ideals and values of America,” such as Abraham Lincoln’s “better angels” inauguration speech.

According to Nigut, Joe Biden and Donald Trump lack such noble ideals, so we’re in for “a long season of insults hurled back and forth” in their election campaigns. This is probably true for Trump, who relishes personality attacks, the lowest form of argument, and outright lies, the basic tool of authoritarianism. But Biden offers workable solutions to America’s problems and says, “Let’s remember who we are. We are the United States of America. There is nothing beyond our capacity when we act together.”

Sure, Biden warns, “Freedom and democracy are under attack, both at home and overseas.” But by no means is that vital criticism equivalent to Trump’s lowly growls.


Border, Afghanistan are stains on Biden administration

President Biden’s followers are touting his so-called accomplishments, which mainly were attempts to buy votes with his massive spending bills. But there is nothing to compare with his catastrophic opening of the southern border to millions and millions of illegal immigrants.

Early in his presidency, Biden created his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, where we lost 13 American soldiers, and also left $85 million worth of high-quality technical equipment for the Taliban and ISIS. Has any American President lost so much in such a short time?

By the way, people of the same age do not age the same way or at the same speed.