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U.S. didn’t look good to world watching our election problems

What the whole world sees when watching our election is the president and Republican Party actively working to keep citizens from voting or have their votes counted. The Republicans have reduced the number of polling places so citizens have to wait hours to vote, limited the number of voter drop-off boxes, and fought in the courts to reject legally cast ballots. Meanwhile, the president spreads an untrue narrative about the safety of mail-in voting. He encouraged his supporters to “watch” the polls, leading to concerns of voter suppression or violence on Election Day. We used to be the greatest democracy on earth, and our president used to be the leader of the free world. With a bitterly divided country, a fair election being thwarted by one political party, and a president who indicates he will not accept the results, these statements may no longer be true.


Criticism of columnist’s opinion overlooked flaws in its argument

In “Pitts wrongly places intolerance only on the right” (Readers Write, Oct. 29), one of your conservative readers accused columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. of being “unhinged” in his column of Oct. 25, and of wanting supporters of Donald Trump to lose jobs and be harassed in public and by their children. A more careful, less-biased reading would have shown Pitts was not addressing Trump supporters in general, but Republican elected officials who hitched their wagons so tightly to Trump’s now-crashing star and have begun making public statements attempting to distance themselves from him and his failures. Frankly, considering their man’s recent performance in public debates, the word salad he spews in interviews, and his frequent attempts to govern as if he were our king rather than our elected president, Trump supporters have absolutely no room whatsoever to talk about Pitts, Joe Biden or anyone else being “unhinged” and suffering from dementia.


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