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High court gives green light to future fascism

When I was drafted in 1970, I went willingly even though I was against the war in Vietnam because it was my country that needed me. My country stood for something -- democracy, law and order, freedom from tyranny, an economic system that worked for everyone.

The decision by the United States Supreme Court to give immunity to presidents for official acts has given the green light to our current president and future presidents to lead our country down the road to fascism. I wept.


Supreme Court cedes more power to Republicans

The Supreme Court, transforming itself into a paid toady of the Republican party, has delivered a gut punch to the American voters, giving unprecedented power to an as-yet unelected candidate for president.

Donald Trump’s ambition has created a cult of unquestioning devotees willing to overlook the threat to freedom of choice posed by a proclaimed autocrat. Where is the unbiased reporting that could bring citizens to a clear comprehension of the loss of choice posed by ceding power to Donald Trump?


‘Beacon on the hill’ is being turned off

Regarding the SCOTUS presidential immunity ruling, Article II of the Constitution, which details the executive powers, was basically amended by the conservative SCOTUS judges. An Amendment (addition) normally takes a two-thirds vote of Congress and a three-fourths vote of the states.

Just three days before, SCOTUS restricted the Environmental Protection Agency’s powers by implying that non-expert judges could rule over EPA scientific experts in cases invoking the Chevron doctrine. This ruling results in corporations profiting from less regulation.

Was this a power grab by the conservative judges?

The beacon on the hill, the light of just regard, is being turned off.

What should we all do to preserve the American democracy? Vote for trustworthy candidates, not Trump.

I pray for the future of democracy in America.