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President’s stimulus plans put burden on taxpayers

Re: “Millions could gain insurance under Biden plan” (News, Nov. 12), millions could gain relief from all responsibility under Biden’s plan. There is nothing complicated about the plan; the relief would be paid by taxpayers who don’t rely on government welfare. Not increasing the coverage of Medicaid would be “unfair,” says a supporter of welfare expansion and that it would have an “impact” on those receiving the free health insurance. It would also impact those who have to support the additional coverage.

None of Biden’s plans are complicated - he simply wants responsible citizens to support a segment of the population that depends on a government dole. His plans got him elected.

Millions are suffering due to Biden’s plans which have caused product and service shortages resulting in destructive inflation. His stimulus plans are stimulating economic chaos.


Biden unfairly blamed for country’s every woe

For presidential elections since the 1960s, the presidency has alternated between Republicans and Democrats. Why? Because the president is made responsible for any shortcomings of the country. Biden poll numbers plummeted after the Afghanistan withdrawal and the 13 soldiers killed at the airport — never mind the unanticipated, sudden collapse of Afghan forces, no further troop losses, and the positive aspect of ending the war. Biden is doing all in his power to solve COVID, including the politics of vaccines and social media creating a false assessment of them. Now the cry is Bidenflation. Really, did Biden cause inflation? What about the COVID impact on the supply chain (here and overseas) and on labor costs? How about pent-up consumer demand exceeding supplies? Then, the turmoil allows for unchecked power of near-monopolistic, corporate giants and OPEC to collude and take advantage of us to increase profits. Let’s celebrate freedom from war, success against COVID and a needed infrastructure bill rather than unfairly scapegoating Biden.