Readers Write



Many Georgians see through actions of our U.S. senators

Senators Loeffler and Perdue, listen up. The bedrock of this nation is the right to vote. The people voted, and Trump lost. That’s called “democracy.” Joe Biden was elected president. Yet you and too many other Republicans refuse to concede. Citing no evidence, you cry fraud. Most of us see what you are doing, and why, and are appalled. You are free to disgrace yourselves and your party, but we the people will not allow you to destroy this country.


Scouting shouldn’t be at risk because of abusers’ actions

The Boy Scouts of America is a great program that teaches millions of young men important life skills that are all too often missing from their homes, schools and other venues. It’s very unfortunate some bad apples were able to use the program to take advantage of young men. It’s sadder still that such an effective program may disappear because of lawsuits and lawyers who want to go after a “deep pocketed” organization. The Boy Scouts have put in place important protocols to dramatically reduce the potential for abuse. However, a committed abuser can slip through these protocols – in Scouting, youth sports, the school system, or any other place where there is interaction between adults and children. The solution is not to damn the organization, but for parents to know what’s happening in their children’s lives, and for prosecutors to put the abusers behind bars.


Some news media outlets remain above partisan fray

In the many years that I have read the AJC daily and listened to my choices for broadcast news, I have never heard one word of hate toward anyone. The newscasters deliver the news in neutral tones, and they don’t try to persuade listeners to agree with their viewpoints. By contrast, when I travel with an ardent Republican friend, I hear the newscasts from the other side that spew hatred toward Democrats in angry, strident tones and sometimes make statements that are blatantly false. Those programs don’t give news. My friend doesn’t know what’s going on in the world. For example, he thinks that Raffensperger is a football player; he “thinks” that Loeffler is “someone who’s running for re-election” and does not know who Herman Cain was. His sources play “Gotcha!”, catching Democrats at their latest “crimes.” I will agree with a recent letter writer’s closing statement: “God help our country.” And I’d add: “God help our world,” since the entire world is affected by whichever political party reigns here.


Raffensperger shows himself to be an elected official of integrity

Thanks to the presidential election recount in Georgia, many Americans outside the Peach State have recently been introduced to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. The term that most succinctly describes him seems to be “integrity.” Either Raffensperger is one of the few Republicans left with much of it, or he’s braver than all the others who continue to ooh and ah at the resplendent and imaginary clothing of our naked emperor. Good for Raffensperger for insisting on a clean tally, and for resisting the count-manipulating entreaties of South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham. America needs more Republicans – and Democrats – like Raffensperger.