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Chiropractors stirring fear should stay in their lane

Thanks to Johnny Edwards and the AJC for a comprehensive report about three Georgia chiropractors discouraging patients from taking the COVID-19 vaccine “Some Georgia chiropractors stir vaccine fear,” News, May 23.

These professionals are certainly entitled to their opinions. In researching their backgrounds, one discovers there is no mention of their having any formal training, field experience, or certification in epidemiology. As a result, they are offering patients medical advice beyond their expertise and abusing patient trust. I’ve used my chiropractor for several years and trust his chiropractic advice and treatment explicitly. He never offered advice on COVID-19 like the three reported chiropractors did. For patients seeking epidemiology advice from their chiropractors, perhaps the next time they have an aching back, they should see an epidemiologist.

If that doesn’t make sense – and it shouldn’t – then they ought not to rely on their chiropractor for COVID-19 advice. The most appropriate message to these three, and other chiropractors of the same persuasion, is simple: Stay in your lane, bro.


Plant Vogtle delays not a normal occurrence

I find it very difficult to believe that all the delays at Plant Vogtle are all unforeseen until an inspection. I see several possibilities: incompetent work, substandard materials, lack of oversight during construction, etc. From my perspective, these lead back to hiring the wrong contractors and/or corruption. With all the billions of ratepayer dollars wasted, why has there not been a huge investigation and/or people sent to jail? This many issues is not a normal occurrence in any well-run large project.