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Conflict resolution skills start with values learned at home

Many media reports about shootings in our society claim a “lack of conflict resolution skills” is the cause of gun violence.

The lack of those skills is not the cause as much as the lack of values that should have been learned in homes, churches and schools. If a person has learned it is wrong to kill and steal, their conflict resolution skills can be lacking. However, any associated benefits are still available to those who obey God’s instructions on how to treat others.

If people are not learning important values in homes and churches, how can they be expected to learn conflict-resolution skills in a secular environment?


Hostility toward Trump drove midterms in Dems’ favor

Congratulations to the Democrats for largely turning the midterms into a referendum on Trump.

While conservative talking heads scoffed at the apparent nonsense that a vote for Republicans was a vote against democracy, a large percentage of the American electorate saw a vote for the Democrats as a vote against Trump.

Concerns about crime, inflation, open borders and the competence of President Biden didn’t trump the hostility toward Trump.

For the sake of the country let alone the Republican Party, Trump, despite his accomplishments as president, needs to fade away.


Millions of voters still willing to trade democracy for dictatorship

We know we’re in bad shape when millions of Americans no longer know the difference between truth and a lie.

We know we’re in bad shape when millions of us deny the reality of climate change and global warming.

We know we’re in bad shape when millions of us are willing to trade our democracy for a Trumpian dictatorship.

We know we’re in bad shape when millions of us worship Donald Trump as the one, true god.

Terribly sad, isn’t it?