Readers write

Children would benefit from ‘Safe at Home Act’

RE: “Georgia must address unsafe housing crisis now to protect kids,” AJC Feb. 11. The recent opinion piece by R. Michael Waller on the housing crisis affecting the children of Georgia is a pressing topic. It is pertinent that we find some way to help children who don’t have homes to live in.

As a high school class, we agree that this issue should be brought to the attention of our legislators. We were sad to read about how an unstable living situation contributes to failure in school. Children are the next generation of society. To succeed, they must be properly educated. Children cannot reach their full potential if they can’t focus in class due to home issues.

Our class supports House Bill 404, the Safe at Home Tenant Protection, which creates minimum safety standards for rental housing and gives tenants a brief window to make up late rent payments. We hope our legislators will, too. People wonder why kids are struggling, but don’t examine the causes. HB 404 is a step toward helping to solve our housing crisis.



Trump case too important; Willis should be removed

For justice to prevail in the election subversion case involving former President Trump and others, Fulton DA Fani Willis should be replaced as chief prosecutor. The sideshow allowing her to stay on weakens the credibility of the prosecution.

Based on what I have read and seen, there is a strong possibility that crimes were committed against the voters in Georgia. There was a clear effort to subvert the will of the people. We can’t allow anyone to make a mockery of our election process. I don’t know Trump’s role, but, obviously, he would be the main beneficiary of overturning the 2020 election results.

This case is too important to allow someone’s pride to get in the way of an effective prosecution. Willis displayed poor judgment in not disclosing her relationship with the special prosecutor she hired and she should step aside.