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Georgia lawmaker ignores duty to fellow citizens

The Georgia state lawmaker recently ejected for refusing to get tested for COVID-19 has forgotten that freedom is not free. He, along with all those refusing to wear masks and comply with public health policies, are quick to praise the police, military, first responders and health care providers for meeting their duty to protect our nation, but ignore the fact that they also have a duty as citizens to take actions shown to be effective to meet our national health crisis. All these self-righteous “refusniks” need to step up to their duty as American citizens if they truly want to defend their freedom and our nation.


Racism must be engaged by individuals, not politicians

If you really think about it, virtually everything that is wrong in our country today is the result of immorality. That word usually conjures up visions of bedroom antics, but it is so much more broad than that. Immorality exists all the way from the boardroom to the bedroom passing through government, street crime, income tax evasion and running red lights.

Racism is, of course, immoral. It’s one of the most conspicuous moral issues in our country today and it is not, despite what you read and hear, all in one direction and it is not a political issue. Biden’s signing an executive order against it is pure political grandstanding. How in God’s name does signing an executive order stop hate? If he were truly interested in curbing racism, he would be signing an executive order supporting religion and encouraging attendance at church, synagogue and mosque. Racism starts in the individual heart and that’s where it must be engaged - by the individual, not the politician.