Readers write


A fiscally healthy U.S. Postal Service vital to functioning democracy

I am responding to the Oct. 10 letter regarding the Postal Service being an example of governmental mismanagement.

Our tax dollars do not fund the Postal Service; it is a self-sustaining agency funded by customer revenue. It must function as a business with one exception -- Congress micromanages it. For example, Congress has required the Postal Service to pre-fund its future retirement benefits, which has costs billions of dollars annually. In addition, Congress has refused to allow the post office to drop money-losing Saturday deliveries. These tactics are for one purpose only -- to undermine the Postal Service so it can be handed over to the private sector. The Postal Service is vital to the functioning of our democracy. I would never trust it in the hands of the private sector only interested in making a profit, not providing the American people with affordable, reliable delivery of mail, checks and medicine.


Suspended Clayton sheriff could do some good in Fulton County

Maybe Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill’s methods are a bit over the top. Still, gangs are leaving the county, and lawlessness seems on the decline, which means his methods are effective despite the lawsuits and negative media coverage.

The only thing criminals understand is a strong arm stronger than theirs. So forget about rehabbing criminals and make certain lawful citizens don’t have to be concerned with their safety. If criminals don’t fear and respect police officers, criminal activity will increase -- it’s as simple as that.

Sheriff Hill should be considered as the sheriff of Fulton County, and the quest for Buckhead’s independence will go away. And the gangs will go away while lawful citizens can shop without getting shot.