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Performance awards not merited for VA leaders

Reading that the Veterans Administration wrongly gave exorbitant bonuses to executives while the system was in disarray is disheartening. (“VA wrongly gave nearly $11M in Bonuses, Watchdog finds,” AJC May 10).

As a former Army officer, but more importantly, as an American citizen, overall healthcare in the VA system is abominable and unacceptable. Many appointments require five months or more to schedule, and extremely long wait times while at a facility, poor attitudes, and a general lack of compassion or concern are frequent occurrences. The Atlanta VA Medical Center in Decatur has consistently scored low in its rating, currently 2 out of 5 stars, and has done so for years.

Fortunately, some veterans have access to private health coverage, but for many others, the VA is their only lifeline. For them to experience such a poor level of service is intolerable, and it is past time for our politicians to intervene. Perhaps it is time for a leadership change, or at the very least, more oversight—and certainly no performance reward.


Shop owners don’t open where they can’t survive

Owners and operators of grocery stores don’t open stores in communities because the communities “deserve” them. They open stores in order to get a return on their investments, which is the same with IHOPs and Starbucks. (“Invest Atlanta quizzed on dearth of grocery stores,” AJC, May 10)

If members of Invest Atlanta will notice, most fast food restaurants and convenience stores are owned and operated by people from India. They don’t open stores to lose money, so apparently, they have completed their research of the area, and if the area won’t support their investment, they don’t go there. And once they open a store, they spend all their time there to guarantee success. They have become more Americanized than those waiting for someone else to make an effort.

When Invest Atlanta can convince someone that a meaningful return is possible, the stores will open—not because the area “deserves” it.