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AG Chris Carr has duty to prosecute state’s fake electors

Why has Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr refused to investigate and possibly prosecute the fake electors in Georgia? This should not have been relegated to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. After all, the fake electors were throughout the entire state, and, essentially, all of them tried to “steal” your vote and mine.

Carr’s failure to investigate is a gross dereliction of his duty to all the citizens of Georgia. I hope we all remember this as Carr contemplates his political future. If not him and not Willis, perhaps some other district attorney of some other city or county will now consider prosecuting these fakers.


Whatever happened to American justice?

Hunter Biden is a troubled human being, no doubt about that. He was a drug addict for years, and he did lie on a form required for purchasing a handgun. He has caused his family a lot of pain. Now, he is recovering and doing his best to make amends.

His conviction on three counts seems fair, though, and his father, who happens to be our president, respects the decision. Republicans can rejoice. They have wanted this badly so they could discredit the president and his whole family. So, is the conviction of Biden, son of a sitting president and a private citizen who is not running for president, a triumph of justice? But an ex-president, convicted on 34 felony counts, who lies nearly every time he opens his mouth, is rewarded with large donations, undying (if blind) loyalty and the nomination of his party for president — all while whining and painting himself as a victim of a “Biden conspiracy.”

Who is “weaponizing” the Justice Department against whom? Is this the America we know and love? It’s time to wake up and smell the corruption of our democracy by self-serving autocrats.