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Thanking veterans, who continue to serve

Being a veteran is more than one word. Beginning from birth, family, environment and early education mold character. A veteran believes in the purpose and has principles, values and personal ethics. The veteran is a civilian first, who was obligated through the draft or would volunteer before the change to all-volunteer military service.

Many civilians joined the military knowing of worldwide injustices, conflicts, and wars, ready to be trained and serve to protect our country (America) and help other countries.

Being a veteran is a title earned first by oath (promise) to protect our country, then by training and continued service. Veterans continue to help in their communities and within veterans chapters and groups such as the American Legion, VFW, PVA, VVA, DAV and more.

State and federal governments honor veterans, and the VA is a “light” for veterans’ assistance.

Yes, I believe the veteran is deserving. Yes, the veteran returns to be a civilian, but the title remains and is never-ending.

“Thank you for your service, dear veteran, wherever you may be.”


GOP willing to sacrifice democracy to maintain power

A stark choice. How is it possible that one-half of the voters in this country, more or less, support candidates who ignore evidence regarding fair election results; deny that Jan. 6 was a Trump-led violent effort to overthrow the government; flood the streets with guns while complaining about crime; profess concern about our children and grandchildren while ridiculing the science of climate change; blame Democrats for inflation that clearly originated with the horrendous mismanagement of COVID in 2020 by a president obsessed with how the pandemic affected him personally and presume the authority to control the right of women to reproductive freedom?

The Republican Party has devolved to the point that it will sacrifice democracy, freedom, safety and the very future of the country for the sake of maintaining its power and privilege.