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Mean-spirited criticism overshadows Trump’s leadership around COVID-19

I should not be surprised by the mean-spirited criticism of President Trump downplaying the coronavirus to avoid panic. However, in the rush to judgment, no one points out that his actions were the opposite, ramping up the response to fight this pandemic and reporting to the people of this country nearly every day. FDR chose to uplift Americans while we were virtually on the ropes until the Battle of Midway in mid-1942, and Churchill did the same for the British through the dark days of the Battle of Britain. The difference was the countries uniting behind them – politicians, press and people. Not so for Trump. We should all be grateful Hillary isn’t President. She couldn’t muster a response to save our people at Benghazi, much less have mounted a national response to COVID-19.


GOP leadership lacks courage to criticize Trump’s performance when it’s needed

It is beyond my comprehension that Republican politicians, including Georgia’s senators, are so afraid of President Trump’s ire they either praise him for everything or sidestep any possibility of criticism. It’s pay obeisance to the king, no matter what. Are they really that gutless? The president lied to the country about the true threat of the coronavirus and pointedly refused to encourage the only known measures to reduce the spread: Wear a mask and social distance. Think how many who died would still be alive today if Trump had set an example by wearing a mask in all public appearances and repeatedly asking people to social-distance. If a new version of John F. Kennedy’s “Profiles in Courage” is ever written, I can tell you now who won’t be in it: Republican politicians.