Readers Write: Leaders enable unearned profits on backs of working class


Leaders enable unearned profits on backs of working class

Southern Company (”How cost overruns net Georgia Power billions in profit,” News, July 11), embodies the worst example of a corporate entity. It, the majority of our legislators, and our most recent governors, claim to support capitalism, yet are happy, with the PSC majority, to reward incompetence, and gouge ratepayers.

Unlike Mississippi, whose PSC supported corporate accountability, Georgia’s PSC and political leaders have enabled full on, unconscionable, unearned profits, on the backs of small businesses, working people, churches, and charities alike.

Every voter should keep their Georgia Corporate Welfare Power bill in mind when voting in every future Georgia legislative, PSC, and gubernatorial election.


Why didn’t justice system stop career offender?

What in creation is going on with the criminal justice system in this country? The suspected killer at the Pinetree Country Club was reported by The AJC on Saturday (”Picture emerges of suspect in killings,” News) to have a rap sheet a mile long. Previously reported suspected crimes within the last five years include drug trafficking (marijuana), assault, attempted murder, belligerence to and assault upon law enforcement officers (ADIU), and leading a high speed police chase in Indiana at speeds of greater than 150 mph resulting in charges of resisting arrest, aggressive and reckless driving.

He has been indicted only once for which the outcome is unclear and possibly has not been prosecuted for any of these suspected heinous crimes. Why are dangerous serial offenders like these still out on the street and not imprisoned to maximum terms? Along with recent serious events resulting in claims for defunding the police, how long will it be before there is widespread lawlessness and anarchy in this country?