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Kemp finds money for corporate tax breaks but not other projects

I was hoping our anti-life governor had pulled his head out of the sand with the catastrophic surge in omicron cases in Georgia -- no such luck.

Thanks to that wasteful Biden plan the GOP loves to bash, he has $100 million to hire temp healthcare workers. Maybe if he had expanded Medicare, we might not be in this mess.

Instead, he gives billions in tax breaks to rich corporations but can’t find money to fix roads or keep hospitals open. We know why -- rich corporations donate hundreds of thousands to re-election campaigns. Poor people are just trying to keep food on the table.

Money and more money is Kemp’s god and idol. I don’t know why Trump doesn’t like him; they are birds of a feather. Over 25,000 Georgians dead -- collateral damage, keep doors open big corporations and send your contributions as agreed. His door and hand are always open for those willing and able to pay to play.


Ways Democrats could outsmart Republicans in mid-terms

The Republicans, mainstream media and even some Democrats predict a big win for the Republicans in the upcoming mid-term elections. These predictions are based on President Biden’s approval ratings being underwater, and not to mention hushed talk of Biden’s mental decline.

However, suppose the Democrats can keep the fear of COVID alive and use absentee voting as effectively as they did in the recent Presidential election. Then, we could see them hang on and keep a slim majority in both houses in the mid-term elections.

Republicans can and will get their voters to the polls. Therefore, if COVID is still a big fear, the Democrats will use the relaxed COVID rules of voting by absentee ballots to bring in the Democrats’ votes, again outsmarting the Republicans.