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Forty days not long enough for state’s legislative sessions

The article in Wednesday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution concerning compensation for wrongly convicted ex-prisoners points up both the habitual cruelty of today’s Republican Party and the inadequacy of the 40-day legislative session mandated by Georgia’s constitution.

Sen. Randy Robertson (R-Cataula) requested the legislation to standardize such compensation be delayed simply because he doesn’t believe the four men cited in the bill were exonerated. This flies in the face of all the evidence and court rulings your article describes. Shame on him and anyone else who thinks and acts as he does.

The days when members of the General Assembly had to hurry back home to plant crops are largely long gone. Georgians need them to be doing the people’s business year-round or as close to that as possible. Were they still in session now, perhaps these four men wouldn’t have to wait another nine months or more to persuade “tough on crime” Republicans to make them whole. If the state constitution won’t allow for longer sessions, then it needs to be amended to do so - expeditiously.


Competence lacking in Biden administration

Although President Biden has taken many significant steps to promote diversity, especially in the White House, he still has a long way to go.

Even with the vast diversity of people in the Biden administration, some groups remain severely underrepresented in his cabinet -- for example, “people of competence.”


South Forsyth project will lead to big city problems

The death knell of Forsyth County as a great place to live is sounding loudly to the tune of The Gathering at South Forsyth.

People move to Forsyth County to get away from the city. Now the city is coming to us, along with all the inherent problems: overcrowding (2,400 residential units), worsening traffic, pollution and crime.

The current, mostly single-family home zoning and abundant green spaces will soon disappear. Unfortunately, like The Battery and Truist Park, The Gathering at the time of its announcement is no doubt a done deal.


Teaching good morals is key stopping violent crimes

Through many letters to the AJC, I have promoted the cause of morality over corruption. Every day’s news includes stories of crimes committed against (and/or by) individuals, groups, ethnicities, governments, even entire nations. You cannot logically blame the specific tools or methods selected by criminals (alternatives are available); you can only logically blame the criminals themselves. Not teaching people decent mindsets equips them (by default) to think and act in selfish, corrupt, harmful actions. Self-centered thinking breeds greed, ignoring others’ equal right to well-being.

Some people want to outlaw guns. But many tools used in crimes are unreasonable to outlaw - things needed by people having decent mindsets! The Boston Marathon murderers used pressure cooker pots to build bombs. Corruptly-minded people have used otherwise-legal objects too numerous to count, like airplanes on Sept. 11, 2001, pillows, rocks - even bare hands.

Teach moral thinking, not immoral, from childhood throughout life! Morality helps life quality, while corruption destroys. Stop favoring crime!