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Democrats hid Biden’s condition to retain power

Now we know about President Joe Biden’s infirmities. The United States deserves better.

Turning 80 gives me sympathy for Biden’s mental decline. However, as a former Marine with active-duty grandchildren, I wonder who is responsible for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Democrats are facing the fact that they and their compliant press hid the fact that Biden is not capable of commanding anything. That fact now is known by our adversaries. After misrepresenting Biden’s condition and the negative consequences to our national security, Democrats are panicking and considering how to replace Biden only because they feel he can’t win, not that the country needs a strong, cogent leader.

Our borders, economy, energy independence and national security were jeopardized to preserve power. For that, Democrats should be held in utter contempt and thrown out of office!


President should get off campaign trail, focus on job

The next U.S. president takes office in slightly more than six months. President Joe Biden should spend every waking and alert moment during those six months doing one thing: working as president of the United States.

He should not be spending any time on campaign events designed to overcome his horrible debate performance. Though it is possible such events might work politically in his favor, they will only damage the Democratic Party’s chances, harm his legacy and do nothing to help solve the very real and serious problems facing our country.

By dropping out of the campaign and using his extensive knowledge and experience to help lower inflation, bring peace to Israel and Gaza, and put Ukraine on the road to greater success in countering Russia’s invasion, Biden would do an immense service to our nation and greatly improve the public’s perception of his presidency, which would also significantly improve the Democrats’ chances of beating former President Donald Trump in November.