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Nation needs Biden’s policies and values

President Joe Biden’s debate performance gave his supporters major anxiety, leaving them wondering, “What do we do now”?

I think Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and the Cabinet should do an ad blitz touting the Democratic team. It’s loaded with talent, and it is offering voters a democracy. If Biden can’t finish his term, voters should know his policies and values will continue. The Republicans offer a dark, authoritarian world.


Would support Biden even if he were on life support

In 78 years, I have never been more fearful for our country. As a country, I feel like we are dealing with terminal cancer in the form of former President Donald Trump, and there are no effective chemotherapies on the horizon. Democracy is heading into hospice without opioids for pain relief, and I hurt.

In light of the latest Supreme Court ruling, unlike you or I, Trump will never be brought to justice. He will die of old age before his remaining cases ever make it to trial.

I would support President Joe Biden for reelection if he were literally on life support. At least he does not surround himself with advisers like Steve Bannon, Roger Stone and Stephen Miller, who would call the shots in a second Trump administration. To paraphrase Biden, “I may be old, but I know truth and the difference between right and wrong.” That cannot be said for the elderly Republican candidate. Therefore, I hurt.


We’re not just voting for the president

In this presidential election, the focus has been on the presidential candidates, both of whom have low approval ratings. It’s important to remember that we aren’t electing just one person but an administration staffed by about 4,000 senior officials selected by the president. I don’t want another Trump presidency that would fill these positions based on loyalty to him rather than on subject-matter expertise and experience.

We don’t need the likes of Trump appointees Steve Bannon (forced out as presidential counselor and now awaiting trial for fraudulent fundraising for which two associates were convicted), Scott Pruitt (resigned as Environmental Protection Agency administrator because of an investigation into alleged misuse of funds), Tom Price (resigned as Health and Human Services Secretary because of an investigation into alleged misuse of funds), or Brenda Fitzgerald (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director who resigned because of a conflict of interest because she owned stock in tobacco companies while responsible for smoking prevention).

I’ll vote for President Biden because I believe he will appoint senior officials based on integrity and qualifications for the job.


Many African Americans sacrificed for democracy

Some say July 4, 1776, was the greatest day in American history. I might not agree, but I think the greatest system of government was established. My ancestors were not included at that time, but later, when the 13th Amendment was enacted. This granted my ancestors the same privilege as the rest.

I am thankful for all who have helped create and maintain the United States, from Crispus Attucks, a Black man who was the first casualty of the American Revolutionary War, to the last African American to give the ultimate sacrifice defending this great governmental system that we have not yet been able to fully enjoy.

It is really sad that some of our countrymen seem to believe that the past 248 years have been a waste and it is time to abolish it for a dictatorship. Again, I disagree. But that never stopped me from being a patriot who was willing to be like Attucks and the others. I still believe that democracy is the best governmental system ever. No, I am not willing to give it up, as imperfect as it may be. “God Bless America!”

We can only save America by voting for democracy.