Readers Write: Reporting makes difference in people’s lives


Reporting makes difference in people’s lives

The AJC continues to investigate stories to find the truths that need to be told.

This week, Dennis Perry was exonerated after spending 20 years in prison convicted for a pair of murders committed in 1985 that he did not commit. He was released last year. Perry was exonerated as a direct result of the AJC’s investigation titled “The Imperfect Alibi.”

While serving as a medical leader at Augusta State Medical Prison, Dr. Timothy Young repeatedly reported patient safety issues to his supervisors. After years of management’s inaction to address mold, trash, and insect problems in the operating rooms, Young enjoined the AJC to explore and expose these issues. The AJC’s investigative reporting led to the outside scrutiny Young had sought and hopefully this has led to improvements needed to ensure safe patient care conditions at the prison.

In both of these cases, the AJC’s reporting led to real differences in people’s lives.


While Americans suffer, billionaires take joyrides

Maybe it’s me. Is anyone else tired of a news cycle dominated by billionaires fulfilling childhood dreams? While most Americans struggle to survive in the quiet between waves of COVID-19, our savings decimated, and living hand to mouth, we are subjected to joy rides in space by celebrities. The western United States is on fire with lakes and rivers, devoid of life-giving water. The air, smoky and poisoned, is flowing eastward and showing up on the east coast.

Half of Americans are vaccinated, and the others are at risk of contracting the virus. I notice the folks wearing the masks tend to be vaccinated, and those opposed to the mask usually are not vaccinated. The mainstream media advocates vaccinations, wearing masks and social distancing, while the right-wing media is calling the pandemic a plandemic.

Maybe now is not the best time to take an expensive joyride.