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Calling on Biden to protect mixed-status families

We firmly encourage President Biden to use his executive power to offer protections to long-term undocumented immigrants in our country. At the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, we strive to support the economic development of Hispanic businesses and professionals by advocating for pro-business policies. President Biden has existing authority to take two big actions that would protect mixed-status families who live in fear of their family being separated.

One of those is parole in place for spouses of U.S. citizens. This is already being used successfully for military families, emphasizing the need for extension to mixed-status families that would greatly benefit from its protections. The second action would be expanding Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for countries that meet the statutory requirements, providing much-needed relief to millions of undocumented residents and their families by keeping families together. analysis shows that undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens would contribute an additional $16 billion to the U.S. economy with work authorization and a pathway to citizenship. Additionally, expanding TPS protections would increase economic mobility for millions nationwide. These affirmative relief actions are not just beneficial for families; they also support businesses and are good for America as a whole. Taking decisive action is crucial for Georgia’s well-being.

I hope President Biden takes action to protect families, ensuring Georgia’s continued prosperity.



Expect reverse border crisis with Trump in charge

The U.S. has a massive group of immigrants at the border with Mexico. They see America as the “Beacon on the Hill,” the place of milk and honey. That is called a problem for us all. Can it be resolved at the border, resolved at their homelands, resolved by politicians?

Compare this to Russia. They have no immigration problem. Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson have a great admiration for Russia. Why aren’t there masses at Russia’s border? If Trump is successful in turning America into a clone of Russia, as it appears to me that he wants, our immigration problem will be solved. We will have emigration, just like Russia.