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Reclassifying pot dangerous, disingenuous

Reclassification of marijuana is a dangerous and disingenuous move by the federal government. (RE: “Reclassifying pot could allow sales at Ga. pharmacies,” AJC, front page, May 2).

Reclassification is dangerous because marijuana has become a much more powerful drug in recent years. Psychosis and other unhealthy changes have become more common in many users. Pot is a “starter drug” for many who advance to “harder” substances.

Reclassification is disingenuous because it targets young people and is meant to influence their vote in November. This government doesn’t care about these issues. It cares about votes and power.


Voters have right to know candidates’ stance on abortion

Current Georgia Supreme Court Justice candidate John Barrow is suing the state Judicial Qualifications Commission to block it from seeking misconduct charges against him for his public stand to “protect abortion rights” against a 2019 Georgia law that restricts abortions.

The commission’s position is that Barrow violated the Judicial Code of Conduct by making “misleading” pledges “to protect selected rights and promises” about “highly sensitive cases.”

The issue of “rights” to abortion has been (and continues to be) heavily debated all across America. Some say that the impregnated woman has the right to life free of the encumbrances of pregnancy and an unwanted child. Some say that the fertilized egg (fetus) is already the start of a new life member, with the right to life not being intentionally prevented from successful continuation.

One certain right — that should never be prevented — is for voters to know the intent of each candidate on life-or-death issues. Everyone alive was once a fetus.


Government reforms needed to stop future autocrats

Even if former president Donald Trump is defeated in November, our worries are not over. Our government needs reform to survive future autocratic movements.

Money: We now endure perpetual reelection cycles. Our representatives and senators have to do more fundraising than governing. We need a commission to examine ways to reduce the role of money, both in terms of dollar amount and time donated to fundraising.

Time: Reduce the length of election cycles to six months max before the general election. Again, a commission to study ways to reduce the 24-month cycle to a six-month one.

Judicial reform: First, the Supreme Court must adhere to the ethics code required of other federal judges. Second, there should be no more lifetime appointments. That way, no partisan justices could impact the court’s decision for multiple generations.


Braves blackout gives both companies a black eye

There is no reason Comcast and Bally Sports Network cannot agree on a contract. A dispute between the two has caused Comcast to no longer carry the Bally. The Atlanta Braves are one of the best teams in Major League Baseball and by far the best professional team in Atlanta. The dispute has prevented millions of viewers in the southeast from having access to watch the games. It has put a black eye on both companies.

Major League Baseball should have been involved in resolving this dispute before it came to the contract cancellation. If it is not resolved soon, I will switch providers. I’m sure many others will, too.