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Stop the mud-slinging and talk about the issues

In the campaign for the U.S. Senate runoff election, Sen. Raphael Warnock comes out of the gate assailing the character of Herschel Walker, criticizing his competence and character. In debates, this ad hominem attack is normally an indication that the speaker can’t win with a better idea.

Perhaps he should review the wisdom about casting stones found in the scripture. Sen. Warnock’s perfect alignment with the disastrous policies of President Joe Biden shows little competence of his own. His apparent slipshod oversight of the Columbia Tower apartments and his denials about tenant evictions suggest both low competence and character as well.

It would be best for all of Georgia to hear the candidates’ positions on the issues rather than slinging mud.

Issues like high inflation, excessive government spending and overreach affect us all. Let’s hear more about those things.


Republican voters would be better off with Democrats’ policies

Democrats need to radically rethink the way they campaign. Republicans are playing a losing hand. Their policies simply do not benefit their base.

Anything that would benefit their base would anger their wealthy donors. So, Republicans must mislead their base on crime, taxes, healthcare, inflation and more. Fact is Republicans can only win when their base is tricked into voting against their own self-interest.

Fact is Democrats’ policies benefit the Republican base more than Republican policies. To win big, the Democrats should pool their resources to create ads that use simple language, catchy phrases, bright graphics, humor and facts to show all voters why D is the party of the people.

Herschel Walker is proof positive that the Republican base does not care how unfit their candidates are, only that they have an R by their name. Democrats must focus on finding entertaining ways to show all voters why R is the wrong answer for everyone not in the 1%.