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Federal gun safety legislation doesn’t go far enough

I’m discouraged. The recent gun legislation is nothing more than a band-aid on a wound that needs a tourniquet. The Dems and GOP settled to make themselves look good and make their constituents believe they made progress and could work together – great messaging for upcoming campaigns this fall. In actuality, without a ban on assault rifles and a 28-day waiting period, these massacres will continue.


Not all religions believe life begins at conception

The recent news story “Congregations feel divide over decision” (News, June 27) in regard to Roe v. Wade should have been titled “Churches.” You failed to report on clergy from any other faiths. Judaism doesn’t believe that life begins at conception. Abortion is legal in most Jewish denominations and even required to save the life of the mother, even in Orthodox Judaism. Thus, the recent Supreme Court decision violates the rights of Jewish people.


Worry Roe decision will spur return to ‘back room’ abortions

As an old, retired M.D. who had four wonderful training years at Grady Memorial Hospital in the early 1960s, I well remember several young girls admitted with serious, often life-threatening medical conditions such as infections, pelvic bleeding and renal failure due to failed “back room”-type abortion attempts.

Roe v. Wade gave a positive answer and a safe path to good health. I worry that what I saw years ago will now recur.

Also, I’ve only heard one responsible reporter commenting on what should be a major responsibility of the male impregnator with any of these abortions. He needs to be identified and 100% involved in the financial and other aspects of the unwanted pregnancy.

I’m appalled and saddened at the recent U.S. Supreme Court abortion decision!


Attack on police training center another example of lawlessness

To the Editorial Board of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Considering the clear disregard for, amongst other values of our society, the law for the past two years, in particular the attack on the APD training center site and its general contractors should not be surprising.

Once the door to lawlessness with no accountability has been opened, we, and our country, are in danger on many levels.

Thank you for your insightful and agenda-free editorial on June 16. Repeatedly, I have learned that, no, it is not safe to state the obvious. Thank you for doing exactly that!


‘Dangerous dwellings’ investigation appreciated

Congratulations to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and its project staff for the investigative journalism detailing the unlivable apartment complexes, naming offending management companies and contact info for legal assistance.

Ironically, the third installment appeared on the same page as the June 19 story “Nation learning to navigate holiday built on past sins”-- Juneteenth.

Ironically, the Grant Park location of the problem is not far from Oakdale Cemetery’s final resting place of Atlanta’s elite families, such as Rich, Regenstein, and Austell, and a field of pauper’s graves. At Georgia State Law School’s graduation, I saw the president of the American Bar Association describe the awesome, effective power an attorney has in sending a letter to a landlord on behalf of an indigent tenant.

Thank you for highlighting the problem and for attorneys fighting the problem.