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Biden not to blame for COVID or inflation

After reading the Jan. 19 letter, “Nation’s problems grow under Biden leadership,” I felt the need to provide proper perspective.

Mr. President, make everything right, or we will blame you. Biden said get vaccinated and wear masks. You said “no” -- COVID continues.

He pushed through the pandemic relief package to help COVID’s suffering. Remediating Trump’s failures, Biden rejoined the Paris Agreement, halted the wasteful/ineffective border wall and succeeded in passing the infrastructure bill. Inflation is caused by manufacturing shutting down during COVID, followed by your pent-up demand bidding up diminished supplies. Biden is not to blame for COVID or inflation. Biden has tried to deal with the immigration policy, and climate solutions, helping Americans get comparable benefits to other developed countries and ensuring voting rights.

His nemesis is the Republican Party of “no” (except for a tax cut for the wealthy). Republicans have no platform, offer only criticisms (not solutions) and make no effort at compromise.

So how is Joe the problem?


DOJ seems to be working for the ‘White House’, not the American people

Whose side is the U.S. Department of Justice/FBI on?

Isn’t it great when the heralded and noble DOJ/FBI drops the case against a Chinese MIT professor accused of spying for China’s Communist Party but has plenty of time and agents to go after parents at school board meetings? Or tracking down Georgians who just happened to be in DC on Jan. 6 and entered “the people’s house.” I remember when the DOJ and FBI were revered for upholding the rights of Americans – and not entrapping and over-prosecuting working-class Americans. If our “democracy” is in danger, it is making the DOJ and FBI political entities, instead of working for “we the people.”

The DOJ should come under the Justices of the Supreme Court, not the “White House.”