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Biden attacked millions of Americans with divisive speech

When I heard that my president would be using tax dollars to give a speech to the nation, I tuned into C-SPAN to see and hear.

I watched in shock what was perhaps the most divisive and destructive speech by a sitting president ever. Using two Marines, a U.S. flag and an eerie dark red wall for a backdrop, Joe Biden was anything but presidential as he vilified roughly 75 million Americans who voted for Trump, and at least half of America that supports the concept of “Make America Great Again.”

He reeled off a string of clichés interspersed with bile in an attack on millions of the people he supposedly serves, calling them “enemies of democracy.” This is the kind of speech one might give against a political opponent in the heat of a campaign, but never from a sitting president.

May God help our country.


Pardons for Capitol rioters would move nation backward

There are many Americans like me who have never really been affiliated with a political party but have always been proud Americans.

My entire life, I have had pride in our country as I watched the slow but often-painful progress we have made in civil rights, education and other endeavors.

When a former president of this great country said he would pardon the rioters who attacked the Capitol and our democracy on January 6, it hurt my heart.

To survive as a nation, we must move on and not backward. Please look inside your moral compass and realize the United States of America is a country that values freedom and honesty and is not just about one man and his ego and desire for power.