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Trump not qualified to pick best GOP candidates

It stretches the imagination to no end to try and figure out how Donald Trump is qualified to know who would be best suited for any political office. Of course, he is probably an expert in grandiose insults and nicknames, as well as trashing our Constitution. He could pick the best sore loser, that’s for sure. Maybe that’s the idea. Fill all these positions with sore losers, and he could be the leader. Don’t we all have one uncle that we can count on to hold forth on what is wrong with America or how our team was robbed of victory by some sinister means? We all have these people in our lives, I suppose. I don’t think I would want their endorsement.


Buchanan’s column on Biden unfit to be published

Pat Buchanan’s recent column depicting Joe Biden as the “divider of the world” is unfit to be published anywhere. Within the column, Buchanan’s overarching revision of U.S. history is astounding, especially concerning WWII and the deaths of Chinese and Russian soldiers under “U.S. allies” Chiang Kai-Shek and Stalin. Moreover, he fails to mention just what tortured lives both Russian and Chinese citizens have endured under their respective leaders since that time. Perhaps he should contact Alexei Navalny as he suffers his imprisonment, or the Uyghurs in China, who are rounded up and held by the Chinese state government because of their religious beliefs.

One can only conclude that it’s time Pat Buchanan puts his typewriter away.