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Government documents belong to nation, not Trump

Recently former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was raided by the FBI, who reportedly found numerous documents marked top secret. Trump himself said if they wanted the documents, all they had to do was ask. Oops, he was asked for them in the spring and apparently had not complied as of early August. Trump’s ardent supporters responded with feigned outrage. Ironically, former close adviser, John Bolton, essentially described Trump’s handling of sensitive documents as careless. While Trump alleged the documents had been declassified, there is no evidence to support that assertion unless, of course, it was accidentally flushed down a toilet or the family dog ate it. Trump needs to stop the steal of government documents that belong to the nation, not to him alone.


Dems believe FBI raid will discredit Trump in the polls

The recent FBI raid on former President Trump’s home was sanctioned by the Democrats. Once again, it seems that Trump supporters have fallen prey to a Democrat-complicated chess move. Supporters that had been on the fence about Trump seeking a second term have come back, thinking the raid on a former president’s home to be government overreach, scary and unfair. The Democrats think the move was a no-lose one.

The raid was conducted under the pretext of retrieving classified materials for the National Archives, and if information happened to be found concerning the Jan. 6 insurrection, so much the better.

And, if Trump’s popularity was resurrected and he now feels he can safely run for president in 2024, the Dems believe the raid will have scored for them triple-fold.

They believe the Jan. 6 committee investigation so damages Trump, and now the folderol over the document raid, that he would be the one candidate that would motivate the Dems and bring independents and moderate Republicans to the polls to vote against Trump in 2024.