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Special interests stand in way of Okefenokee protection

Like the majority of Georgia citizens, I have been frustrated by the unwillingness of the legislature, and especially Gov. Brian P. Kemp to do anything to protect the Okefenokee Swamp.

Proponents argue the titanium mine is needed for national security purposes, yet the United States currently receives 90% of its titanium dioxide imports from close allies Japan and Australia.

The reality is that this wondrous natural resource is at risk because Twin Pines is looking to make a quick buck. And it appears these special interests are close to achieving their goal. We need to realize that when Kemp talks about draining the swamp, he might well be talking about the Okefenokee.


Biden policies are good for the environment

Bravo, President Biden. Thanks to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for reporting on the Biden administration’s efforts to shore up environmental rules to protect them from potentially being gutted by future administrations.

Contrast that to a report of Trump’s meeting with oil company executives at which he requested a billion dollars from them in return for his vow to scrap Biden’s policies on electric vehicles, wind energy and other efforts opposed by the fossil fuel industry.

An AJC article just reported that 2024 will be a record year for climate disasters as oceans grow hotter, weather events become more extreme, and heat records are broken worldwide. Can policy choices be more obvious? Closer to home, Georgia Power and its complicit Public Service Commission ignore the preferences/efforts of the EV companies and Big Tech companies owning data centers to live up to decarbonizing commitments.

The societal and environmental costs of fossil fuels continue to grow as oil and power companies rake in record profits. Where are reason, justice and accountability?