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Sonny Perdue a poor choice to lead Regents

“Chancellor” Sonny Perdue? How outrageous! It’s a sad day in Georgia when a politician, the likes of former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue is allowed to take the helm of our state’s higher education systems. Perdue knows nothing about education; he’s too old, too political and lacks higher education background. Any University of Georgia or Georgia Tech teacher would be preferable to Perdue. He is in it for the money and status. When he was governor, he attempted to tamper with the Teacher’s Retirement System by proposing an action that would have taken away vested rights in retirement benefits granted to teachers. He will not be supportive of educators or students. Members of the Georgia Board of Regents, have you no shame?


These pro-immigration bills would help Dreamers and all Georgians

The news story “Short of workers? Advocates say educating immigrants could help” by Lautaro Grinspan (, Feb. 11) draws attention to the ongoing labor shortage and sensible solutions to fill the gaps.

The article references current state legislation that would break down education barriers to encourage economic and workforce growth. While current bipartisan policies such as HB 932 would benefit certain refugees, special immigrants, or those with humanitarian parole status, HB 120 would provide tuition equity for undocumented young immigrants.

Nearly 30,000 young Georgians who came to the U.S. as children – or Dreamers – have lived most of their lives here but can’t adjust their legal status due to our antiquated immigration system. While dreamers, and all Georgia immigrants, contribute upwards of $10 billion in taxes annually, they are limited in their contributions to society because of senseless policies.

It is my hope our state and federal lawmakers pass pro-immigration policies that benefit all Georgians.