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President doesn’t realize it’s time to go home

I am quite upset with President Joe Biden. It’s not because he is incompetent and dangerous to our country but because his stumbling and bumbling reflects poorly on us fellow senior citizens.

As a senior citizen in Biden’s age group, I recognize his infirmities and deficiencies and am quite tired of being the butt of jokes ridiculing all of us old geezers.

Most seniors know when it is time for us to fade into the sunset, but Joe Biden appears not to recognize it is time for him to go. Perhaps his half-century lust to become president has clouded his judgment. Perhaps his spouse Jill enjoys her prestige and power of being “First Lady” too much to tell Joe that it’s time to go home. In any event, Joe, stop being an embarrassment to your fellow seniors. Go Home!


Biden’s achievements prove he’s not too old for the job

President Biden used his Congressional experience and relationships to pass a remarkable number of laws to help everyday Americans. These laws provide job-creating infrastructure projects, lower drug costs for seniors, lower insulin costs, better healthcare for veterans, and the boldest action to date against climate change.

President Biden used his standing and relationships abroad to form a powerful coalition of countries to help Ukraine do what the experts said was impossible - preventing a quick victory from Putin’s brutal invasion. He recently won even more funding, outmaneuvering fierce opposition from MAGA extremists.

President Biden used his guile and negotiating skills to thwart every attempt by MAGA House Republicans to shut down our government or cause a debt crisis. While the House descends into chaos and infighting, Biden delivers.

These are not the achievements of someone who is “too old.” In fact, I can’t think of one single problem that Biden’s age has caused during his three-plus years in office. Can you?